Frequently Asked Questions

When is the new Blue Bloods novel, LOST IN TIME, coming out?
Lost in Time is out September 27, 2011. But to make the wait a little shorter, Witches of East End, my new adult paranormal series, which has surprise appearances from some beloved Blue Bloods characters, is out June 21, 2011.

Wolf Pact is scheduled for September 2012. The spinoff series will follow the adventures of Bliss Llewellyn and the hellhounds.

The seventh and final novel in the first Blue Bloods cycle will be published January 2013.
Will there be more Blue Bloods books? How many books will there be in the series?
The seventh and final Blue Bloods novel, GATES OF PARADISE, will be published in January 2013.

I consider the seven books and the two companion books, Keys to the Repository and Bloody Valentine, the first "cycle" in the Blue Bloods series. After the seventh novel is published, a new chapter with new characters (and some old ones!) will begin a new Blue Bloods series.

This is the order of the Blue Bloods books:

Blue Bloods (novel) May 2006
Masquerade (novel) May 2007
Revelations (novel) November 2008
The Van Alen Legacy (novel) October 2009
*Keys to the Repository -> encyclopedia of terms, short stories, secret information June 2010
Misguided Angel (novel) October 2010
*Bloody Valentine -> three short stories December 2010
Lost in Time (novel) September 2011
*Wolf Pact (4 Part E-Book series) OUT NOW -> Spin-off series featuring Bliss Llewellyn
Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel (graphic novel) January 2013
Gates of Paradise (novel) January 2013

New Blue Bloods series (titles still to be revealed)

Will there be a Blue Bloods movie? Or TV show? Can I be in it?
Not anytime soon unfortunately. But that doesn't mean never! As for casting, that is so far away as there is no project in development currently, and while I am not in charge of casting anyway, should any news arrive on that front I will make sure to give you guys all the info!
Will there be more books in the Au Pairs series? Are you writing a fifth Au Pairs novel?
Sadly, no. I am not writing an Au Pairs book at the moment. I'm so glad you enjoyed that series, I really enjoyed writing it! But right now I'm really happy with where all the characters ended up, and I want them to enjoy their happy ending for a while.
What happened to the Au Pairs movie?
Sadly the option expired, we came very close but in the end, won no cigar. Warner Brothers, who held the option for two years, ultimately passed on the project. We are working on a new plan to bring the Au Pairs possibly to television. Will keep you posted but right now we have no new news to share.
Are you writing more Ashleys books?
No, I'm not. I'm so sorry, but there is no fifth Ashleys book. I'm sorry not to have good news about the Ashleys, they were really fun to write and I'm so glad you liked them. I did write a fun "ending" to the Ashleys here.
How do you pronounce Schuyler? How do you pronounce Duchesne?
Sky-ler. NOT Shoo-ler.
Doo-shen. NOT Doo-chez-knee.
What happened to the sequel to Angels on Sunset Boulevard? Wasn't it going to be called Angel's Lie? I can't find it anywhere. Where can I buy it?
I have been writing and rewriting and tearing my hair out at the writing of this book for the past three years. I am so very sorry for those of you who are still waiting to find out how this story ends. But I am just not ready to tell it—I am blocked on it—I thought I knew how to end it, but I don’t. Not right now. I believe I will write the sequel at some point, but I can’t tell you when, or if it would ever be published even, since the contract has been canceled. I’m truly sorry—but I would rather not release a book that I didn’t feel was worthy than release something that was half-baked. Believe me, releasing the book would have been the easy way out.
How did you come up with your Angels history/research for the Blue Bloods books?
The angels are derived from Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, Chinese and Indian mythology. Since Blue Bloods is an "alternate history" of the world, I thought it would be cool to include all the world religions.
Which character is on each cover of the Blue Bloods novels?
Blue Bloods: Sky, Masquerade: Sky, Revelations: Bliss, Van Alen Legacy: Mimi, Keys to the Repository: Sky, Misguided Angel: Allegra, Bloody Valentine: Sky, Lost in Time: Sky and Jack, Gates of Paradise: Sky and Jack.
When will the book be available in my country/language?
To see when my works will be available to you in your area/in your desired language, you’ll have to check with your local bookstores. Unfortunately, I do not receive that specific information myself.
What is the city silhouette on each Blue Bloods book cover?
Blue Bloods: New York, Masquerade: Venice, Revelations: Rio de Janeiro, Van Alen Legacy: Paris, Misguided Angel: Florence, Lost in Time: Cairo.
What kind of flower is on the Bloody Valentine cover?
A peony dyed red.
What happened to the Girl Stays in the Picture sequel? Who poisoned Devon?
Unfortunately, there are no current plans for a Girl Stays in the Picture sequel. As for who poisoned was her MOM!
I want to be a writer, do you have any advice? Can I send my writing to you to see if it has potential?
Check out my ADVICE FOR WRITERS section, as it offers some helpful tips and advice on my experiences in the writing world. And while I wish I could help everyone, unfortunately I cannot read any writing/fan fiction sent my way, as per my lawyer's advice.
Can you come to my town? I would love to meet you!
I would love to come to you, but my publisher decides where to send me on tour. The best way to get me into your hometown is to ask your bookstore to host me for an event. Keep checking my events page as new dates and places are added all the time!
Where can I find Jack's secret story? The link is not working and I really want to read it!
Jack's story can now be found in Keys to the Repository, as well as Kingsley's story, Sky's story, and Dylan's story. Also, the first chapter of Wolf Pact!
How did you come up with the idea for the Blue Bloods series?
I was on the web and stumbled upon a site that listed all the descendants of the Mayflower passengers--it listed a lot of prominent Americans, like the Roosevelts and the Bushes, but there were also surprising ones--like Oprah and Marilyn Monroe. And it got me to thinking--what if all these rich, prestigious Americans were that way for a reason? As in, what if their power came from immortality? What if they were vampires? And that's how Blue Bloods came to be.
Is there going to be a sequel to Witches of East End?
Yes! The sequel to Witches of East End, SERPENT'S KISS, is scheduled for a June 2012 release!