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Blue Bloods Books Official Site (Read the secret online story in Jack's point of view here!)

The Au Pairs (The official site of the book series)

Mel's MySpace (Send me a friend request!)

Mel's Amazon Blog (Check it out!)

Simon and Schuster (The website of Simon & Schuster, Inc.)

Girls who Like Boys Who Like Boys (official website of the fabulous anthology co-edited with Tom Dolby!)

Melissa's Twitter (Come follow me!)

Mel's Facebook (Like my page!)

Blue Bloods Facebook Page (Official Blue Bloods Facebook Fanpage!)

Melissa's Tumblr! ((My official Tumblr!))

Friends on the web

Tom Dolby (My fabulous friend and co-editor on a new anthology of essays!)

Hint Fashion Magazine (I'm no longer with Hint, but I still love the site)

Dan Ehrenhaft (Awesome YA writer of "Drawing a Blank" and "10 Things to Do Before I Die")

Suh Films (My dear friend and former suitemate from college who is doing a documentary on the high-school at Stuyvesant. Check it out!)

Anna David (Fab friend who is an LA-based magazine writer and author of the upcoming novel "The After Party")

Rachel Cohn (author of Gingerbread, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and all around grooovy gal!)

P.G. Kain (author of hilarious and smart series "The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts" and a fellow nightclub maven!)

Jenny Han (author of "Shug" and a total sweetheart--just like her book!)

Taylor Morris (author of "Class Favorite" and a favorite friend of mine as well!)

David Levithan (author of "Boy Meets Boy", "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist", etc. Contributor to GWLB anthology. Check out his essay "The Good Girls" - one of my faves in the collection!)

Paula Yoo (author of GOOD ENOUGH, awesome TV writer who also writes kids and YA books, and plays a mean violin!)

Francis de la Cruz (My baby brother, a professional career and college counselor! If you need help with college essays, job resumes, he is the guy to see! Harvard College and Columbia Business School and a great guy to boot!)

Most of my money goes here

yoox.com (Designer discount shopping from Europe!)

netaporter.com (Fab Brit shopping site)

bluefly.com (Good but not great designer discounts)

eluxury.com (If you really just can't wait for your LV Speedy bag! No Fendi Spy bags, sadly.)

neiman-marcus.com (manolos online. hello.)

Most of my internet time is spent here

gawker.com (It's an addiction)

galleycat.com (Fun publishing gossip)

salon.com (Fun articles and advice)

slate.com (Fun movie reviews and diary entries)

megcabot.com (Fun stuff about cats and Tab!)

jenniferweiner.com (Fun stuff about Philadelphia and babies!)


Blue Bloods Role Playing (Run by readers. A fun game to play!)

Blue Bloods Message Boards (These are not run by me, but by dedicated readers!)

Blue Bloods Live Journal Community (They're dream-casting the series right now!)

Ashleys Fan Site (Very cute fan site run by very cute fans!)

The Blue Bloods Secret (Very cool BB fan site run by very cool fans!)

French BB Fan Club (Sacre bleu! A French Fan Site! Marvelleux!)

The Van Alen Legacy (A Blue Bloods Fan Forum)