Goodbye Old Blog, Hello New Site, Plus have you bought your copy of the Ashleys yet?

The new site is pink and brown! Exciting. And also the colors of my daughter’s nursery. Heh. We’re girlie.

Also, I am going on tour! To the tri-state area. I will post times and locations. It’s soon–um, like next week! Sorry. It’s been crazy over here. But I hope you can come out and see me! Check the new site tomorrow for all the details.

And have you read THE ASHLEYS yet? I love hearing from you guys and here’s an email that I particularly enjoyed reading:

Dear Ms. de la Cruz,

Wow, I just finished The Ashleys and for all of today, I just
couldn’t put it down. I bought it earlier this morning and I didn’t stop reading
it until I completely finished it. I loved it so much! I really like how you
show the weaknesses of each of the Ashleys, and not make them perfect like most
"clique" books do.

My friend recommended "Blue Bloods" to me, but since it wasn’t at the
bookstore, I came across The Ashleys instead. Now I can’t wait for
Jealous? in April. I’ll be looking for it in stores!

Your newest fan,

Yay! Thanks Maddi!! I’m so glad you enjoyed The Ashleys and I hope you like Blue Bloods too.

Oh, in really AWESOME news, Hyperion sent me the rough cut of the cover of REVELATIONS and it looks INSANE!! I will share as soon as it’s all finalized. They also have an answer to when the book will be published: DECEMBER 23, 2008.

Which reminds me that I should go back to finishing that book! Arrrgh!

Mel xoxo