Jack’s Story: The Hidden Online Chapter Hidden No More! Sarah M. Stopping By on Friday!

Good news! The short story I wrote exclusively for Target, which is from Jack’s point of view and gives a new perspective to the ending of Revelations, is now available for everyone to enjoy!

To read it, go to www.bluebloodsbooks.com/target. It will ask you for a secret password. The password is BLUEBLOODS in all caps. We will be fixing the site so that you will no longer have to key in the password in the future, but for now, you still need it.

And again, Blue Bloods IV: The Van Alen Legacy comes out this September!

We are casting for the photo shoot for the cover of the book right now. It’s like America’s Next Top Book Cover Model over here. Heh. My editor sends me model cards and I send back comments, so yes, it is EXACTLY like ANTM.

Also – please do stop by this Friday, January 16, as the effervescent and awesome Sarah Mlynowski will be joining me on her blog tour, answering all my shopping mania questions. Sarah’s new book Parties & Potions in the Magic in Manhattan series is out now! Tres fun, hilarious and sweet, just like its author! (How cute is HER author photo by the way??)