A gift bag full of satire, spectacle, and name-dropping. It's all too fabulous for words.
Michael Musto, The Village Voice
Lurid! Harrowing! Picaresque!
Tim Blanks host of E!'s Fashion File
Melissa de la Cruz is the Jackie Collins of the "Moomba" generation -- she's on a collision course with pulp stardom.
Simon Doonan author of Confessions of a Window Dresser and creative director, Barneys

Cat’s Meow

Cat McAllister is just about to celebrate her 25th birthday for the fourth time. A child-actress turned fading It-girl, she’s well aware that her fame is starting to lose its shine. She really should have tragically overdosed by now. Or else succumbed to some harrowing disease brought on by a steady diet of vodka-tonics and TicTacs. Currently she’s in danger of being consigned to that seventh circle of celebrity hell where she’s just recognizable enough for people to think she’s someone else. Worse still, her trust fund is running dry…

What’s a girl to do? With few assets (aside from a temperature-controlled closet) and fewer talents (shopping and an encyclopedic knowledge of Best-Dressed Lists) there’s only one way out of B-list obscurity: to marry and marry well. Her quarry: not just Mr. Right but Prince Right — New York’s most eligible bachelor, Stefan of Westonia. Let the games begin…