Never After: The End of the Story

Return to the land of Never After for the last time in the riveting conclusion to New York Times–bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz’s hit middle-grade series perfect for fans of The Land of Stories books.

With the evil Olga drawing ever nearer, Filomena and her friends race to find the last surviving fairy, Sabine. For if Sabine perishes at the hands of the ogres, all of Never After will fall. Without a moment to lose, Fil, Jack, Alistair, Gretel — along with friends old and new — set off for Neverland to find Sabine and protect her at all cost.

But even in Neverland, there’s mischief afoot. Not only does Peter Pan turn out to be an agent of chaos, but the crew discovers Sabine goes by another name in this mysterious land…Tinker Bell! Even more mysteries abound as Fil and her steadfast friends navigate mermaids, magical fruit, and prophecies with the help of some unexpected allies, like Captain Hook.

With Olga’s forces closing in, will Fil find a way to protect the magic of Never After once and for all, and ensure a happily-ever-after for the End of the Story?