The newest rich girls series from de la Cruz (Au Pairs, Blue Bloods) cuts between the points of view of three teenagers: pop star Devon, celebutante Livia and Casey, assistant to singer Summer Garland, Devon's rival. The three girls converge on the French island of Saint-Tropez for the summer-where egos collide and designer outfits compete on a regular basis-and manage to become friends. Tabloid excerpts, blog entries and magazine articles between chapters provide a paparazzi-eye view of the girls' back-stories and report juicy, hyped-up gossip on their nights out, drinks imbibed, possible love affairs and exaggerated, nasty interactions. All three struggle with insecurities about their success (or lack of it) under the constant watch of the gossip-hungry. Those hoping for a new spin on the genre needn't bother, though there is enough boy-drama, label dropping, club hopping and backstabbing to satisfy those addicted to Gossip Girl-style series-and better yet, it all takes place on the French Riviera.
Publishers Weekly

Girl Stays in the Picture

A Girl Novel

If you can’t be a mega-selling teen pop star, maybe you can join her entourage…

Devon—one name only, please—is the latest and jail-bait-est pop star to hit #1 on the Billboard chart and she’s making her big screen debut in Juicy. But after a stint in rehab, the studio isn’t so sure she’s their girl anymore. If they cut any more of her lines, she’ll be a silent film actress! Can Devon regain her star status? She needs to watch her back and make sure that flash doesn’t catch her causing a scene, and we don’t mean the kind you can yell “Cut!” after.

Livia has lost the weight and gained a reputation for attitude in the Hollywood party scene. Her dad’s an Oscar-winning producer, and with a hot Beverly Hills boyfriend on her arm as well as her photos all over the pages of, Livia looks like she has a perfect life. But looks can be perfectly deceiving…

And there’s fresh-faced Casey, who left a job bagging groceries at the Piggly Wiggly to play personal assistant to her best friend…and Devon’s biggest rival. She’s got the biggest crush on the biggest star of the film—a hot Brit known for loving and leaving them. Will Casey stay true to herself while trying to find a place in his universe?

Stars. They’re just like us. But what does that mean for the rest of us? Stay tuned, people.