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A few of you guys have been asking about the sequels to Vampires in Manhattan and The Ring and The Crown.

For The Lily and The Cross (which is what I titled The Ring and The Crown sequel) I wrote the entire book, but it didn’t quite go the way I imagined it would.  After I finished, I realized I liked where the story ended in book one, that it was complete and perfect as a stand-alone. So the sequel is not going to be published.However, since I wrote it, I wanted you guys who wanted to read it to be able to. So it will be up on my website in a few months, available for a small fee that will go to support Yallwest.  That way, you guys who want to know the story get to read it, but it’s only a first draft, and not a finished product, and it ends on a cliffhanger, but I will not be writing a sequel to this book. I know some of you might be upset about that, and I’m sorry. I still hope you enjoy the book for what it is. There are some really fun parts of the book (Marie and Wolf for one) but it didn’t go through the formal editorial process, so keep that in mind.

As to White Nights, the Vampires in Manhattan sequel, the book also did not shape up the way I had envisioned in the time allotted me, and so it was pulled from publication. I’ve written about a quarter of this book, and once it is done, it too will be available on my website for a small fee that will go to Yallwest.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news on both of these projects, but I hope you guys do enjoy the continuation of these stories when they are posted.

xoxo Mel

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  1. Hello Melissa;
    I truly love the Blue Bloods / Vampires of Manhattan series(s) and have been waiting two years for the sequel (white nights). I loved both series and read them all in recorded time when each came out and have re read multiple times.
    I know it’s been pulled from publication which makes me sad, but where can I go to read the quarter you spoke about above. I’ve looked on your site and there is no notification or prompt of where to download.
    I’m hoping you changed your mind and are thinking about completing the sequel. The characters are so diverse and unique. I believe along with so many of your loyal readers/fans of the series that there is so much left unsaid and unfinished.
    Thank you for your amazing books and for creating stories and characters that take me away from the hustle and bushel of life, even if it’s a short few hours
    Very best

  2. My thoughts are along the lines of those which Keeley expresses. However, I might go a step further in expressing my disappointment in your not completing the sequel to Vampires of Manhattan. Why not take additional time to write the book, publish it past deadline? It’s frustrating to start a book, under the impression that another with the same characters is in the works, then discover that the author has decided not to finish it. I doubt I will start anything else written by you, to avoid the same disappointment in future.

    1. Ellie I concur. We have all waited since March of 2016 when White Nights was do to be published in all formats, to being completely pulled. Further Melissa’s website has no updated info or news as to the sequel even being available, through Melissa’s website as promised.
      I know Melissa has had great success with the Disney franchise “Decendents” and has been focusing on this endeavor oppose to completing or continuing the Blue Bloods series. But I have to say I’m becoming increasingly doubtful “White Nights” will even be published or available on the website, due to her focus on other series.
      I have to say it’s quite disappointing and upsetting to her fans/readers who are not interested in, yet another Disney sequel or storyline.

      If White Nights is not even being worked on, the least she could do is tell the fans so. And pull all notification of any release from the website. if she decides to continue the story in the future, don’t update the website Until a definite release / download date is been decided.

      Thank you Melissa for the Blue Bloods series I truly adore them but think I’ll move on to another series.

      Very best

  3. I would love to read The Lily and the Cross. Unfortunately, I can’t find it on your webstie. Is it still available to purchase? If yes, please please please let me know where I can find it. I have been waiting for this sequel for a long time and would love to read the book even though it is not final. Please e-mail me and let me know where I can find a copy. Many thanks.

  4. I, too, have been waiting for the sequel of the Vampire in Manhattan series. I love the Blue Blood Series and was extremely excited to see the same characters I love in their new life in these series. I was looking forward to reading more about them and am saddened that this will no longer happen. I hope that you continue writing this storyline because I know you have many fans with this series. Please focus on this more.

    Thank you!

  5. I too am a little upset about the Blue Bloods series. I just finished Vampires of Manhattan and got excited when it said “to be continued” then Googled my butt off to find this. Quite disappointed.
    Well, if any of you are looking for a good LONG series. Check out “A Shade of Vampire” theres 32 books in the series.

  6. Its really annoying how Melissa is not keeping her promises in regards to the White nights book or even giving an update on the matter.

  7. I have to agree. At first I was sad when I found out the news and now I feel frustrated too. Why spend time reading a book, excited for the continuation of the series, to find out that you just decided to quit writing it. Disappointing

  8. Hi there. Although I haven’t read Vampires of Manhattan yet, I bought it and plan on reading it very soon. I was still pretty sad when I read this though. Please start writing again soon! I really enjoyed Blue Bloods and don’t want their stories to ever end! Don’t give up on it even though you didn’t like the direction! *prayer hands emoji* Hope to see it in stores soon. 🙂

  9. Hi Melissa,

    I love your works, especially the Frozen series. I have noticed that you haven’t released The Lily and the Cross on your website yet, and it’s been a year since your original post. Have you changed your mind on that? I would gladly make a donation to YALLFEST or YALLWEST to be able to download a copy of the book. Will it be released anytime soon? Hope all is well! Congrats on Isle 3, btw!

    Kind Regards,


  10. Hi Melissa, I am a HUUUUGE fan of the Blue Bloods and Vampires of Manhatten series. Do you think that the entire sequel not being published is a permanent thing, or do you think that maybe later on you may get a new idea for finishing the book and decide to publish it fully anyway? (A girl can hope right? lol)

  11. Hi Melissa,

    Absolutely love your work, though I was disappointed to hear we aren’t getting a sequel to The Ring and the Crown (I so loved the sneaky references to the Frozen series) or Vampires of Manhatten. I know you posted a year ago about these sequels coming out on your website for a small fee, but I simply haven’t been able to find them anywhere. Am I missing something?

    Keep up the amazing work!

  12. Olá Melissa!

    Por favor, termine a série nem que seja apenas mais um livro!! Adorei Vampires of Manhattan, e a série e os fans merecem um fim! Pense com carinho, quem sabe a inspiração vem e você conclua essa ótima série. De qualquer forma parabéns pelos livros, me viciei neles e estou até lendo em inglês pois não aguento esperar a tradução chegar em português, obrigada por me fazer menos preguiçosa! Quem sabe na próxima vez publique em inglês, graças a prática com seus livros.
    Um abraço da sua fã “tupiniquim”.

  13. I do hope that you do decide to continue with the Vampires in Manhatten series because it’s definitely worth the read and it does mean so much to me as a 26 year old who started this entire series back when I was in high school it’s a nastalgic feeling to see characters who you viewed at a time period that was like your own grown up please do continue this series it means so much!

  14. Just finished the Blue Blood series and am excited to read Vampires in Manhattan soon even if you don’t put out a sequel! I’m currently a new writer working on my first book and just want to remind everyone that writing is not always easy! It’s extremely difficult at times, as well as frustrating, time consuming, and rewarding all at once. Please try to have patience when you think about authors making new books because even if we already have the characters figured out, it is not as easy as just putting words on paper. Writing is so much more than that, it’s a part of you, and it doesn’t always go the way you want it to, as Melissa has said, and I am grateful she is honest about her work and look forward to any future work from her. Melissa, if you do read this, keep on doing you and know that I completely understand the process and energy it takes to write something that you’re happy with. You produce great work and wouldn’t want to give any less than your best! Hope you’re not sweating too much in Palm Springs because it is still warm up here in the high desert in 29 Palms. Enjoy the rest of your year folks and best of luck with all your reading and writing journeys.
    -Grace Goodwin

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