Monthly Archives: July 2012

Jack and Mimi Fan Playlist by JoJo M.

1. I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman – The White Stripes
2. Losing Grip – Avril Lavigne
3. Hope You’re Happy Now – The Sounds
4. Till The End – My Chemical Romance
5. Not Like The Movies – Katy Perry
6. Look At Me – Carrie Underwood
7. Say It Like You Mean It – Matchbook Romance
8. End It On This – No Doubt
9. Dirty Business – The Dresden Dolls
10. Getting Old – HelloGoodbye

Answer to today’s Trivia is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is where Revelations takes place aside from New York!

Blue Bloods Trivia!

What city/country does Revelations take place in besides New York?

Answer to today’s Unscramble: BENJAMIN FORCE!

Answer to today’s True or False is TRUE: Ollie and Sky did perform the Sacred Kiss in the book Masquerade! Check it out on pgs. 280-282!

Blue Bloods Trivia!

Blue Bloods True or False: Oliver and Sky performed the Sacred Kiss in Masquerade.

Red Blood/Conduit Playlist

1. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons
2. Cameo Lover – Kimbra
3. Crash Your Party – Karmin
4. Hurting Me Now – Sia
5. Voodoo – Oh Land
6. Casualties Of War – Gossip
7. Decoy – Paramore
8. Blue Veins – The Raconteurs
9. My Body – Young The Giant
10. Human – Civil Twilight