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Answer to todays Blue Bloods Trivia is…

Dorothea Stanford (Newport)

May Brewster (Plymouth)

Antonia de Medici (Florence)

Eunia Marco (Rome


They were outside in subzero weather, yet she had never felt so warm.

Frozen (Heart of Dread #1) | Melissa de la Cruz & Michael Johnston

Sky & Bliss

Blue Bloods Music Friday!

Sky & Bliss

1. 4ever-The Veronicas

2. Freakum Dress-Beyonce

3. Wikked Lil’ Grrls-Esthero

4. Ooh La La-Goldfrapp

5. She Wolf-Shakira

6. Thank You For Being A Friend-Andrew Gold

7. Dancehall Queen-Robyn

8. Girls Just Want To Have Fun-Miley Cyrus

9. Wannabe-Spice Girls

10. Blame It On The Girls-MIKA