Check out the hot cover for Masquerade: A Blue Bloods Novel! Yeah, boyyyy!

Masquerade2_8Doesn’t it look lovely??? It’s going to be the cover for the galley (Advanced Reader’s Copy). Hyperion is doing a photoshoot for the real cover of the book. But we are using the same mask. The mask is a real Venetian mask!

Sooo excited!!

It’s rainy and gloomy here in L.A. today, which is putting me in a good mood because all I want to do is shop for fall/winter clothes! Aarrgh. Except I am like, HUGELY pregnant and cannot fit into anything. Wah! I’m SO dreaming of layered cashmere tunics and leggings and flat boots and all that fun, fun, fun stuff…except of course, I will be at home with the baby who will be throwing up and so it will not be a good idea to wear cashmere around the kid… Don’t you LOVE all those long, knit cashmere tunics?? Uh, so, so good, as my fellow Fashionista author Karen and I used to say to each other regarding a particularly choice purchase.

So far, we have not settled the Birkin question. As Mike says, it’s just a matter of time… I mean, it means anytime I want to get it, we can go order it. I just have to say the word. But sadly, I think I’m going to opt for a new bathroom instead. I know, how boring right? But we are renovating the house and the new bathroom will probably cost the same as a Birkin, and well, I’m TRYING to be a practical person now that I’m supposed to be someone’s mother in a few months.

And in the back of my mind, the fact that I KNOW I will OWN a Birkin someday is almost as good as having it, in fact, it’s BETTER because I can wallow in the excitement of anticipation and not experience the anti-climactic feeling of actually getting what you want.

It’s Fashion Week in New York and I am stuck in LA. For years I covered Fashion Week, and the funnest thing about fashion week was running into all your friends at the tents–my fellow fashion journos–all that air-kissing and commotion and checking out each other’s outfits and gossiping about the shows and complaining about all the parties we had to attend and the champagne we just HAD to drink. Oh, it was a fun, fun, fun time…and I do miss it. I especially loved the complaining because we were SO ridiculous about it. “Can you believe Marc’s after-party is crosstown? How are we EVER going to get there from Diane’s townhouse?” (Marc as in Jacobs, Diane as in Von Furstenberg of course!) One season I think we even rented a town car to take us to all the events since it really was SUCH a pain to have to catch a cab all the time. The best parties are the ones that provided town cars home… that was definitely a luxury I could get used to.