Fab Mistletoe Review in Publishers Weekly!

We got a GREAT review for MISTLETOE in the latest issue of Publishers Weekly!

Four Holiday Stories by Hailey Abbot, Melissa de la Cruz, Aimee Friedman and Nina Malkin
Scholastic Point

Four short stories center on love during the holidays, ranging from a Jewish girl who finds the guy of her dreams while working as a department store elf, to a supernatural story about a hot celebrity who learns what is really important one New Year’s, after meeting a mysterious girl. Of this quartet with familiar themes (holiday loneliness, redemption in the New Year), de la Cruz’s twist on Gift of the Magi is perhaps the best of the lot. Her smart updates involve Jimmy Choo shoes and Kelsey’s determination to “look just as good” as the rich snobs attending her friend Gigi’s Christmas Eve/Sweet 16 party. Readers will sympathize with Kelsey, who overhears the rich girls making fun of her clothes, and will be touched when it’s Kelsey who learns the lesson. Readers may well predict how each tale will end, but enjoy them just the same.

WOO HOO!! I worked REALLY HARD on that story, and it’s so great to know they liked it. (They really liked it – as Sally Field says.)

And in other great news– Tom and I are turning in the final draft of GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS tomorrow and we have a fabulous cover that we will post very soon…as soon as we figure out how to do those things. I just realized almost no one can see the Masquerade cover, so I’m going to have to ask my Webmistress to help me with that…

Have a happy week everyone!