Going Through Your Emails Now

I am BURIED underneath hundreds of reader emails. Ah, the guilt is killing me. But rest assured I am going to respond to each and every one by November. Why? Because I am taking off starting mid-November when the baby comes, and I probably won’t be in touch via email until the new year. I know, I know.

But please be assured that I READ every email you send, so do send them, and that the response time is slow right now because I always try to put in the latest news in my reponses and I have yet to get the go-ahead on the VERY BIG FABULOUS NEWS that I want to share with you all. Also, we (meaning me and my publisher) are working on my schedule right now and I’m not quite sure yet when my two new series SOCIAL LIFE and THE ASHLEYS is going to debut, I think THE ASHLEYS is going out next year, but we are holding SOCIAL LIFE until 2008 for now.

Too many excuses! But I promise I will get back to diligently responding and a flurry of responses should be FLYING out of my out-box by early next week. I just got buried in so many book deadlines (and Au Pairs 4 deadline is right around the corner). Plus, I’m putting final touches on the anthology I’m editing, I need to update my website, etc. And Mike and I are moving to our new house which is being renovated right now, and trying to go to Childbirth Classes and buy all the stuff for the baby and hire a baby nurse (DONE!) and a nanny for when the baby nurse leaves (NOT YET DONE!) that I am kind of running around like a chicken.

So of course, what do I do? Escape to the Fred Segal Sale of course!!!! Everything was 50 percent off, but if you buy FIVE items, it’s 2/3 off, which is 66.6% the Six-Six-Six sale. Of course, I found more than five things I wanted to buy… two Miss Davenporte silk shirts one in dove and one in gray, sooo cool and kind of gothy, originally $615 each. One dress from Milla (a Brit designer) orig $590, and the matching chiffon shrug orig $600. The dress is seafoam green, and has this cool decorative turquoise stones and embroidering on the front, and the shrug has sequins and turquoise on the sleeves. It’s very handmade looking and fab. I think I’ll wear it to the GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS launch party in June. Or my friend’s wedding in May. I can’t decide. But it’s always good to buy a special occasion dress even when you don’t have an occasion because then when the occasion does arise, you are READY for it. Of course, this means that I probably have, oooh, about five “special occasion” dresses in my closet that I have not worn yet. To any occasion. Eeks. I also bought this cozy Inhabit knit cardigan sweater coat in camel (orig $1050), and an insane Doo.Ri top which had glass embelishments on the v-neck, it’s kind of a wool v-neck coat/sweater/poncho-y thing (orig $1200). Kind of heavy for LA, but I think I might be in New York when it’s cold next year so it would be a good thing to wear then. With the six-six-six discount, I only spent less than two thousand bucks!

I just realized so many of my clothes are bought at sales and bargains. I just LOOOVE to shop. (I mean, hello.) And so to justify my habit I tend to limit myself to big sales. But who am I kidding? I can’t wait to go to Barneys and get all those new Chloe platforms and a big oversize V-neck Vince sweater and tons of tunics and maybe a new bootie (Louboutin? Or Blahnik?) so I’m up-to-date with “fall”.

To assuage my guilt, I also bought the baby a ton of Splendid t-shirts and leggings which were half off. I’m hoping I haven’t bought all my new clothes for nothing…I mean, I can’t imagine being just cooped up at home with the kid all the time…Mike and I agreed we will still try to have a “date night” one night a week even when the baby is here. So I can still get dressed up and go out. The thought of being one of those moms who never get out of her schlumpy sweats is kind of depressing.

I’m supposed to go to a conference in April (Hyperion is sending me–my first conference tres fun!), and then hopefully I’ll be back in New York in the spring, definitely for the summer, for the anthology mini-tour, so I’ll need new clothes!

Wishing everyone a happy shopping day,