Great Reviews of Blue Bloods!

From Kirkus’ May issue!!!

"A juicy voyeuristic peek into the lives of rich Manhattanites–who happen to be vampires. As shown by a diary in a handwritten font, vampires came to this country on the Mayflower. In contemporary Manhattan, the ensemble of protagonists attents an elite prep school. They’re old souls, because vampires return in new shells (bodies) indefinitely; however, until mid-adolescence, they don’t know it. Fifteen-year-old Schuyler, intelligent and vaguely Goth, has no idea she’s a vampire. Neither does Bliss, newly arrived from Texas. Mimi and Jack, glamorously haughty twins with a suspicious bond, already know the scoop; the adults know too. The others are meant to learn slowly and keep strictly to the Code (for example, never suck so much blood that a human dies). Name-brand clothing and luxuries abound, but a mysterious danger lurks. Someone is killing the supposedly immortal. Schuyler’s destiny is to bring the vampires–cast out of heaven with Lucifer–back into a state of grace, but her immediate goal for the next installment is to find the murderer. Delightfully trashy."

AWESOME!! I love that I am delightfully trashy. I think they called The Au Pairs simply trashy. I am MOVING UP in the world, my friends.

I also found another great review of the book on a reader’s website:

"Blue Bloods" Melissa De La Cruz

With an increasing trend towards horror in YA literature, we’ve seen a plethora of vampire novels recently. Some of the better ones include "Peeps" and "Twilight". I am pleased to welcome "Blue Bloods" to the list of good vampire novels lately.

The plot is similar to most vampire books. Vampires, here known as Blue Bloods, are hidden from society, and there is a ruling government. There is a set of teenagers around whom the story revolves that not only discover their heritage as vampires, but also an ancient evil that could destroy the world. Naturally, no one beleives them and they must single-handedly save everyone from the threat. Luckily, the characters are more original than the story. Set againt the gritty backdrop of New York, the characters are real, wry, and funny. Okay, perhaps a Texan belle and some twins with incestual habits aren’t exactly ‘real’, but they’re certainly interesting.
De La Cruz seamlessly blends several genres including horror, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, and general fiction. The end result is this tantalizing piece of literature that luckily is appetizing to humans and vampires alike.


THANK YOU ROBBIE!!! You made my day!!

All this praise can get to a girl, I feel like taking the day off and just skipping down the street going la-la-la-la-la… but alas, I have the Blue Blood sequel MASQUERADE and the first book on Angels on Sunset Boulevard to write, so no day off for me!

FUN "B-LIST" sightings…

The other day Mike and I were at the Poquito Mas (US Weekly calls it "Jennifer Aniston’s favorite Mexican taco stand") and we saw John Krasinski from THE OFFICE. (He plays the bashful guy Jim with the crush on the receptionist.) He was with a really pretty girl who looked like Thandie Newton. He was wearing jeans and a black American Apparel zip-up hoodie, the same one Mike was wearing. This is the essential cool-LA-guy hoodie, every time we go out, we see at least two other guys wearing the same one. Mike’s is all faded now but John’s was all crisp looking. He had a tan, and is really cute and thin. Not at all pasty like he looks on the show. I think he ordered a burrito. We tried not to stare too much.

Then yesterday at Fred Segal my friend MC and I saw Blythe Danner and Lisa Rinna. Lisa Rinna’s lips were like so pumped up, like Goldie Hawn’s in First Wives Club. She looked a little scary–the lips were way too swollen. Back away from the collagen, Lisa! Lisa was wearing a bandanna, sweats and a cute little zip-up top. She has a great body, it looked so flexible and limber. She didn’t walk, she SWAYED.

Fred Segal is such a funny scene, there’s been a lot written about it lately in the New York Times and the New Yorker, as if it’s this mythic LA place. But really, how different is it from Barneys? It’s all about showing off your new handbag. I counted five Fendi Spy bags, three Paddingtons, and several Guccis. It’s the tribe talking to the tribe. You know how people who shop at Barneys wear the clothes they bought at Barneys when they are shopping at Barneys? To show they belong? People like to hang out there because the cafe is outdoors but also private, something kind of rare, and there’s all that great shopping. Alex K in the Times sounded as if she was a little intimidated by it, which is weird—I mean, if any chick has attitude, she does.  And for the record, the salespeople there are REALLY helpful and friendly. My only beef is that the Ron Herman boutique upstairs seems more like a showroom–they send so many of their clothes out to the stars and the stars’ stylists there is hardly anything left on the racks. And the place is always so empty of shoppers, it feels weird when you’re the only one there.

All this talk of shopping is making me want to go out and spend, so I’ll sign off for now!