Happy Halloween! Don’t do Skankoween!

It’s Halloween weekend, which I only realized when I called a friend to invite him to go see Babel and instead he invited Mike and I to attend a slew of Halloween parties. It had completely slipped my mind! Unfortunately, being 8 1/2 months pregnant, I had to pass. Although as another friend said, this is the opportune time to be "Rosemary" from "Rosemary’s Baby" for Halloween. All I’d need is a short blond wig, a short mod dress and I’m set! If only… but right now I fall asleep at nine pm, so all I will be doing on Halloween is giving out candy to the cute trick or treaters.

Mike and I looove Halloween. We always dress up, although no one ever "gets" my costumes. See, instead of the skankoween costumes that are so popular nowadays (Halloween is a time when good girls can go slutty, according to the New York Times and Mean Girls), I like to dress up as my favorite model/socialite. One year I went as "The House of Chanel" – my best gay friend Morgan was Karl Lagerfeld complete with sunglasses, fan and ponytail, and I was Shalom Harlow in my black-and-white Chanel-esque suit jacket and slim pants and tons of fake pearls. I looked fabulous! Then there was the year Morgan went as Andy Warhol and I went as Jackie O., I wore a peach Schiaparelli-esque suit, a pillbox hat and white gloves. The year after that I went as Babe Paley. I wore a Pucci-esque shift dress, had my hair done in a bouffant and wore necklaces as a big bracelet. Yeah, no one recognized me as Babe Paley. (It was more like, um, WHO is Babe Paley?)  Last year I went as Mary-Kate Olsen, in an oversized sweater, leggings, big sunglasses and Venti Starbucks.

My friend Pete who in the 90s owned this fabulous loft in SoHo, (a total wreck of a place, this was right before the real estate boom) would throw a Halloween party every year and I remember sitting there in my Jackie O drag and this annoying girl from colllege sidled up to me–you know one of THOSE girls, whom all the boys liked and all the girls despised and she was total skankoween — she was a "devil" in a tiny little red dress and devil horns. (Ugh. Puke. Yucko.) And she asked me who I was supposed to be, and I just rolled my eyes and ignored her in true Jackie O. fashion.

Good news: I got the galley copies of MASQUERADE, A Blue Bloods novel, and they are fan-frigging-tastic!! They look sooo good. I can’t wait for April! This is the first sequel to Blue Bloods, number two in the series. I’m dreaming up Book Three right now…

I’ve got to go through the copyedit of Masquerade now, I sent back Angels on Sunset Boulevard on Friday, and then copyedit of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys is coming on Tuesday, so it’s copyedit craziness over here. In the middle of writing Au Pairs: Crazy Hot! And my story for the horror collection, which I hope to finish tomorrow.

Is anyone going as a Blue Blood vampire?? Oooh… do let me know!