Hot or Not

This is probably of no interest to anyone but me… but as I have been reading about this plagiarism scandal, I thought about how every time I write a new book, I always check to make sure I haven’t plagiarized…myself!

For example, when I was writing Sun-Kissed, the third in the Au Pairs series, I was worried that I was reaching for too many of the same phrases I’d used before, like “retail therapy” and “caramel-colored tan”. I know, totally frivolous right? But I’ve noticed that in my writing, I do tend to reach for the same descriptions so I make a concerted effort to make sure each detail in each new book is new one.

But, I mean, how many ways can I describe a hot boy?? 🙂 Luckily, I got over my foggy mental block about describing hotness, and as you will see, there are three new delicious, gorgeous boys in Sun-Kissed who are hot in totally different ways. Thank god I had so many crushes on people in my youth! Thank Heaven for Hot Boys!