The Sting

Jared was set up!

After reading all the news in the New York Times, The Daily News, ABC, Gawker, and all the sundry links to other media pundits, I’m so officially sick of this story. I’m pulling for Jared. He’s a friend, and a good guy. And as the story comes out, it looks more and more like entrapment. People make mistakes, and there’s a lot of gleeful ‘dancing on the grave of Page Six’ right now, but this will all come to naught. I’m just so tired of the blatant schadenfreude in the Daily News, and the subtle and insidious scadenfreude in the New York Times. Enough! The guy hasn’t been arrested, and it sounds like he never will be–leave him alone.

Anyway, party prep is going along! Invites are finally in and will be sent out by the end of the week!

It’s a month away! Do you know what you’re going to wear yet???