Display for Masquerade!! CRAZY HOT PARTY TONIGHT!!! (MAY 9TH)

Awww, you guys are AWESOME!!!

Okay, so here’s a sneak peek at REVELATIONS: I’ll just say that part of it is set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You know, the city with the Jesus statue? Formally known as Cristo Redentor on Corcovado Mountain. Rio is called “A Cidade Maravilhosa – “The Marvelous City”. Corcovado means “hunchback” in Portugese.
I have to stop talking because if I keep talking I’ll tell you all about the book and I’m still working out a few things and I don’t want to give it all away!

I love all the excitement… although I have to admit it’s such a double-edged sword. It’s hard to write a book knowing so many people are waiting for it. THE PRESSURE!!!!

Anyway, something VERY exciting happened last night…I saw my FIRST EVER STANDEE!!!

You know those standees? They are cardboard stands that hold an author’s book? Well, it has been my great ambition to be one of those authors with their very own standee.

And last night, I finally saw one for MY books. For Masquerade. FRACKING AWESOME!!!

I will post a picture here once we go back to the B&N and get a shot. We didn’t have our camera last night, sadly.

If you see any standees in your neck of the woods, will you send me a pic?

The very nice B&N rep told me that they are called, in the industry, “Dumps”. So that was my “very first dump.” LOL.

Okay? So tonight? CRAAZY HOT PARTY!!! And it’s fracking Crazy Hot here in SoCal. It was 100 degrees yesterday.

Come one, come all…

Shopping! Dancing! Mayhem! Goodie-bags!
May 9, 2007
6:00 – 8:00 PM
M. Fredric at The Commons
4751 Commons Way
Calabasas, CA 91302

I seriously don’t know what to wear.

For the LA Times Book Festival I wore a blue floor-length silk halter dress (Urban Outfitters $80) with an airy white sweater (Club Monaco $90) and Jack Rogers flats ($90) and Me and Ro silver hoop earrings ($500). Its too hot to wear complicated clothing!

Last night I wore a black a-line Diavolina top ($350), Nordstrom leggings ($20) and tan Sigerson Morrrison sandals ($100 at the sale) and my fabulous Anthony Nak earrings ($4000) that Mike bought me as a “delivery gift” for delivering his child. I think these are also called “push presents” but somehow I don’t like the sound of that.

Lalala…my book has a standee…lalala….and tonight I’m having a partee…lalala…