The Blogger’s Cliche/The 30 Day Fashion Challenge!

The Blogger’s Cliche/The 30 Day Fashion Challenge!
I will start with a blogger’s cliche – I’m so sorry I haven’t posted lately. Things have been incredibly busy both personally and professionally…

My dad was in the hospital for a month. He had a sixteen-hour surgery in the colorectal area (he has colorectal cancer) and it was pretty rough going for a while. He was in the ICU for almost three weeks. He’s home now, and doing a lot better, but it’s going to be a long recovery. It was hard for me because I couldn’t be in the hospital so much –I’m still exclusively breastfeeding the baby so I could only do brief visits. The good news is that he is cancer-free now. The doctors did not find any new tumors and with the original source of the cancer now completely removed, they think this is his best shot EVER. My dad has such a great team of doctors–one of whom was a friend of his from college.

The funny thing is my dad was really popular in college, and his doctor was apparently one of the “nerdier” guys. But they were friends. They have become really close now, and his friend, this doctor, has basically saved his life over and over again (he was the one who did my dad’s surgery four years ago too). So be nice to the people you went to school with! One of them might save your life one day…

In the meantime, our baby is still not quite sleeping through the night! It has been five months of sleepless nights, and some days we are so exhausted we are sleepwalking zombies throughout the day. But every morning when she wakes up it is like the sun shining through clouds. She is AWESOME. Everyday we love her even more.

It’s so weird how much I like being a mom. I had no idea what motherhood would be like, and I assumed that I would be able to work the way I have been and just pawn the baby off on nannies and my parents. But I really ENJOY spending time with her and it’s so hard to do anything else.

But it is really nice to be able to work. I was feeling down about my new book because I wasn’t sure it was good enough, but I just got great feedback from my editor who said she loves it and it’s propelling me to the finish line.

I know I keep mentioning it, but I only do because I am so proud of this book: ANGELS ON SUNSET BOULEVARD is out – and if you liked BLUE BLOODS, you will love ANGELS.

MASQUERADE, the second Blue Bloods novel is out very soon. We just got the finished books the other day, and they look GORGEOUS!!! Wait till you see.

In more fun news, for my book tour this May and June I am going to try to institute a no-repeat fashion policy. I have so many clothes I have not worn with price stickers still attached to them. And I have about a month’s worth of events and I have sworn to myself I will not repeat one outfit. I have to utilize all the new clothes I’ve bought for the tour as well as the old clothes in my closet. I’ll document my outfits here so everyone will see if I meet the challenge!

Now I must really go back to finishing THE ASHLEYS!!!