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Buy Your Copy From Target!!!

Attention Target Shoppers!!!

I have a very special Revelations promo to tell you about today. If you visit any Target store to pick up your copy of Revelations, you’ll receive access to a special website, with a secret chapter excerpt from the book, exclusive for Target guests!

And I urge you to read the story only AFTER you’ve read the book.

And today’s Revelations quote is:


Yup. That’s it. Abomination! Who’s yelling it? Who’s abomination? Who? Why? What? 🙂 Because of course, Books are out October 28th! You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon! Or buy it from Target to get that secret chapter excerpt!

Anyway, yesterday I was at the Borders with Mike, and we saw this book PAUL OF DUNE, yet another in the ghost-written continuation of the Dune story, helmed by Frank Herbert’s son Brian. I bought one of these books a few years ago (I think it was “BUTLERIAN JIHAD” or some such title. Dune fans are snickering now) and while it was okay…it wasn’t the same. Kind of like a black and white version of a Cinemascope full-color Panoramic movie. Like watching Lawrence of Arabia on your iPhone. So I didn’t buy any of the other books.

But now—Paul of Dune!! How can you resist it? Instead of continuing the story beyond Heretics of Dune, this is the story after the first book and BEFORE Dune Messiah. So, I picked it up, and then put it down again. No. I should content myself with the first six books. I’m glad the story is continuing, because, hello, I love sequels, and I mean, why not? But I can’t read them. Because I want it to be JUST like the first six and these are just, well, not. Not that there is anything wrong wtih that—some ghost-written continuations are fine. Like, um, the Robotech novels. Which ROCK. Well. Maybe they rock because they didn’t start out as awesome pawesome books.

People always ask me how I knew Mike was “the one.” (Don’t you love how girls talk? We always talk of “the one” as if our future husbands were Neo.) Anyway, I knew Mike was “the one” when I discovered he had also read all six books of the Dune series. Because he’s the ONLY guy I’ve ever met, who’s read and loved Dune…and was CUTE!

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Bonds, Vampire Bonds

Today’s Revelations quote:

“Humans broke their vows every day with no consequence…While it was tradition for vampire twins to bond on their twenty-first birthday, Mimi saw no reason to wait until then.”


Books are out October 28th! You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

My friend sent me this link from the Times which I thought was really interesting and confirmed what I always believed. When times are tough, we like to escape into frivolous, fanciful drama. Btw, did anyone else feel really moved when Rachel Zoe’s hubby Rodger bought her “Dylan McKay’s Porsche” as an anniversary present? First off, it was so sweet that he knew his wife so well…and secondly, I mean, DYLAN MCKAY’S PORSCHE!!

I always remember that scene from the old 90210 where Dylan drives up in his Porsche and then gives Kelly (or Brenda, I can’t remember which girl was looking at him, since of course, I always imagined MYSELF in their place), and he has that smug, cocky, don’t-you-love-me-because-I’m-beautiful grin. And you’re thinking YES! YES! YES! Sigh.

Any chance we can bring those sideburns back in style? I always thought skinny boys with sideburns were really cute. Blame 90210. And I was totally a Dylan girl. I mean, a kid who lived in his own house? (Remember because his parents were divorced and no one took care of him, SOB!) I was once featured in the Columbia Spectator (our lovely college newspaper) on a story about kids who gathered together and watched the show. And there were the “ironic” fans, who loved the show because “it’s so bad it’s good” and then there were the “true fans” who just loved the show because it WAS good, period. Guess where I fell in the category? Yup, I’ve never been a big hipster poser. I thought the ironic fans were lame. Who needs to hide behind a veil of irony to appreciate 90210? Losers!

Meanwhile, all you guys are like….Dylan McKay?? Who??? Talk to me about Ethan Ward!!! LOL!

And High School Musical 3 is coming out—and how much do we love the trailer???


All You Need Is Loffff

Today was a very big day at Casa Blue Bloods. Of course, I can’t tell you WHY it’s a big day at CBB. But just know that it was a big day. And hopefully we will have some BIG news to share very soon.

And in honor of today, I give you a quote from Revelations about loffff. Or love, but I prefer to think of it as loffff, in a Transylvania accent.

“Yeah, I do love her.”

But I can’t tell you WHO said it because…well, that would spoil the book. As if the book is a piece of meat that, if left out too long, will gather flies. For me, knowing the ending doesn’t spoil anything. Like life, reading is a journey, not a destination.

You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

Now I must go back to GIRL STAYS IN THE PICTURE, which is due on Friday. What’s scarier than a deadline???


I’m giving love in a family dose…sing it!

Today’s Revelations quote is about family.

“Um, I think you and I might be sisters?” – Bliss Llewellyn

Sistahs are doing it for themselves! Uh-huh, uh-huh….Or if you prefer, We ARE Family, I got all my Sistahs with me… Lots of good memories dancing to this song at a myriad of weddings, usually with my sister (and brother—who is a metro) or with a myriad of bridesmaids in black strapless Vera Wang.

Books are out October 28th! You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

Today I am not going to buy the crocodile Nancy Gonzalez I’ve had my eye on. Or the crocodile Lambertson Truex. Or the crocodile Jimmy Choo Ramona. The Nancy Gonzalez I think is the most reasonable purchase, since it is a third of the cost of the Lambertson and the Jimmy. But still, I just got the new Chanel. I think that should last me at least six more months, don’t you? Unless I get a YSL “Uptown” bag. Which I am sorely tempted to do because I was in New York and my good friend Moll was carrying one and it looked so chic on her arm and I kind of wanted it. I’m a bit of a fashion vampire. I see things on other people and I covet, covet, covet them. Fashion by osmosis!


Fashion, Turn to the Left! Fashion, Turn to the Right!

Today’s Revelations quote is about a fashion show!

“The atmosphere was electric, a noisy cacophony of hysteria reserved for the best rock concerts—the hoots and cheers from the back row energizing the band to play faster and louder, and the models to assume their haughtiest facades.”

Books are out October 28th! You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

When I was a young fashion journo, I remember standing in the back, craning my neck to see the glamazons strutting the runway. The best part of being in the standing-room crowd was that we were the only ones who would actually cheer and clap during a show. Over the years, when I finally merited a front-row seat, I learned to keep my game face on. It’s really much more fun in the back with the fashion-crazed kids who snuck in. Although I have to say: the ego boost from a front-row seat is pretty fracking good too.

I splurged on the Marni peep-toe platform knee-high boots. And a platform peep-toe patent pump (talk about a tongue twister!) from Christian Louboutin. Although I think from now on this Shopping Diary will document everything I’ve been meaning to buy but won’t, as part of the sign o’ the times.


Interrupting the Regularly Scheduled Revelations promos for an Ashleys shout-out

Some really cute fans of mine started an Ashleys fansite, and I did an interview for them. It’s a bit long and rambly, but probably the most accurate portrayal of how I really talk. Check it out here!

The question I get asked the most is which of my characters do I like the most or am like the most? I think deep down, while I would like to be more like Mara, Schuyler and A.A., I am really like Eliza, Mimi and Ashley Spencer. I’m a huge brat at heart—never got over it!


Grandpa Gandalf?

One of my favorite characters in the series is Lawrence Van Alen, Schuyler’s grandfather. I tried to figure out why I liked him so much—like, who is he based on? My grandfathers? My dad’s dad was full of mischief—one of my favorite memories was of the two of us eating street food (Chinese fishballs) from a dirty cart, and my mom running out of the house, horrified, trying to stop us. I still remember how delicious they were, especially since they were forbidden. And Grandpa going “Shhh! Don’t tell your mom!” And my mom’s dad was a character. He was this cranky old Chinese guy, who resembled a Buddha, but who was really sweet to all his grandchildren.

But alas, I don’t think Lawrence is based on either of them. To be completely honest, I think Lawrence is based on…Gandalf. Oh yeah. LOTR props to the max.

Anyway: here’s the Revelations quote of the day!

“So far Lawrence had only complained about the weather (too steamy) and the food (too spicy).”

I kind of love cranky people who travel to exotic places and complain.

You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!


Cuts Like a Knife

Wow. Tours are rough! Fun, but exhausting! Plus the low-grade sadness of being away from the baby. Whom we still call the baby even though she is almost two!!!! I know, time flies!!! But so fun meeting all of you!

Anyway. Sorry I missed a couple of Revelations quote-of-the-days.

Here’s a good one to make up for it!

“Only an Archangel’s sword can kill another Archangel. I can’t believe you didn’t know that!” – Mimi Force

I’ve been told the book is slowly trickling into stores! You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

Okay, now I gotta go to this Author Dinner thingy. If I drop dead at the table, I hope everyone understands.


Love the One You’re With (Shoe-Wise!)

Revelations quote of the day:

She couldn’t deny it: someone wanted her killed.

Who’s she??? Who wants her killed? Find out October 28th! You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

Thanks to the fabulous and sweet librarians from Suffolk County who hosted me today at their annual luncheon! You guys are awesome!! And I hope you all enjoy Revelations!!

I just got back from Barneys. Husband: But we have one of those in L.A.!

Me: It’s not the same! The L.A. Barneys sucks!!!

Okay, so it does not suck that much especially since I do spend so much money there. But the Noo Yawk Barneys is so much better: more shoes, more selections. Although I will say that because New York people are more fashionable that they are all out of that crocodile pump boot from YSL that I now really, really want because—poof! I can’t find it anywhere anymore. Sigh. You always want the ones you can’t have.


WonderTwin Powers, Activate!

I am EXHAUSTED as I always am when I am in New York. Phew! Thanks to all the fabulous librarians, press peeps (Seventeen mag, holla!), and wonderful young people who came to the luncheon and the library visit. Thank you Ann and Jack from NYPL!! You guys rock!! And thanks for the awesome Blue Bloods soundtrack the book club put together—Rihanna: Disturbia, how did you know??? 🙂

Anyway, today’s quote is from the Force wondertwins. Vampire powers=shape of…supermodels! Kidding.

“Are you sure?” Mimi asked, looking disappointed. “But without the Archangel’s blessing…”
“They will be just as deadly,” Jack soothed. “Nothing can change their power. Their power comes from the two of us.”

I’ve heard the book is trickling into stores…so keep an eye out! But it’s officially out Oct 28th, which means the displays will be up, and it’s guaranteed to be in the stores by then. You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!