All I want for Christmas Is…A Christmas List?

What does everyone want for Christmas other than our economy back?

Ever since I was a kid, I wrote lists of everything I want to buy. I recently found a list from 1989, the summer before I went away to college.

Here is what was on my list:

1) Burberry trenchcoat (I still don’t own one.)
2) White Shirt classic
4) Black skirt NOT knit (why not knit? what kind of black skirt did I want?)
5) Gucci wrap (I still don’t own one either.)
6) NICE LUGGAGE (double underlined) and then, this is what KILLS me, I wrote “like Ricardo Beverly Hills” (These seemed like the nicest kind of luggage at Macy’s. I arrived at Columbia with ONE Ricardo tiny little “overnight” bag along with TEN cardboard boxes. Oh, I was glam.)
7) “New wave” pants (I have no idea what these were?)
8) “Zoot suit” suit (Again: what was I thinking??)

And on a post-it on top of my computer I’ve written

1) Croc bag
2) Hermes (Birkin and Kelly)
3) Diamond Earrings (2 ct per)
4) Oscar de la Renta dress

I have bought nothing on that list either. I think I just like making lists.