Back in LA, Missing Tayhas

Am back in L.A. now. Austin and the Texas Book Festival were really awesome. So many nice volunteers and such a well-run festival! The highlight, of course was meeting fellow authors—Lauren Myracle, who is zany and hilarious and made us take photos of lifting fans up in “princess chairs” (Lauren: my arm STILL hurts!), Paula Yoo (who plays a MEAN violin and has the BEST skin I have ever seen. What is it with Koreans and their baby’s-butt skin?? Tres unfair!!) and Shannon Hale, who kept us all in stitches the entire night at the Austin Bat Cave. Lauren, I have to warn you, Shannon and I want REVENGE on the scare-a-thon.

I’ve been very entertained by all the other authors who participated in the scare-a-thon. Lauren’s Thriller video has go to be seen to be believed. (Did she learn it in all one take???) and Shannon’s Dean Witch project is so spooky and funny, and this from Scott Westerfeld is one of the best, I think: funny, unexpected, totally entertaining. And here’s Meg Cabot in her fairie costume, zexy!!!

Technical glitches on the secret Revelations story have been fixed. So please try looking again! And Borders and Chapters should have the books in VERY soon. I was in a Borders yesterday and they didn’t have it yet, but they said it should be in this week.

Now I have to go as I have GIRL due and I am only halfway done through my final polish!