Cha-Cha Slidin’ into the New York Times Best-Seller List!


16 BOOKS. (13 NOVELS.)



Oh yeah, baby. The Blue Bloods series debuted at Numero Four!!!!
Check it out!!

I found out really early—Wednesday night—apparently that’s when “the List” is sent out to publishers and you know, there is ONLY one list. The New York Times list is nirvana – the place all authors hope to go once they publish—anyway, my agent and editor told me I’d hit the list at Number Four and there was mucho screaming in my hotel room and dancing around. I was on tour in Phoenix when I found out. (Why is it all my good news is always while I am traveling? I don’t feel like I travel all that much. But I found out my first novel sold while I was out of town too. Hmmm.)

And Revelations also debuted at #55 on the USA Today list! The USA Today list is of ALL books regardless of category (adult, childrens, fic, non-fic). Very cool!!

It was so nice to celebrate at the Masquerade Ball with all of you!! Big shout outs to Amanda and Rhianna – gorgeous, gorgeous girls from the Blue Bloods message boards! Along with all of the beautiful teens in goth-punk finery, and super-fab finery (there was a mother-daughter team of amazon models—hi guys!). It was so nice to meet everyone!! It was really, really fun. Thanks to the lovely ladies of the Scottsdale Public Library who hosted it: Mariana van Meter and Medina Zick. You guys are so awesome. I was so moved by how much these teen librarians care so much about their charges—Scottsdale teens are very, very lucky to have Mariana and Medina looking out for you!

At the ball, we all did the cha-cha slide…I gotta say, there’s no better way to celebrate debuting on the bestseller list than cha-cha sliding with a hundred masked teens at your own Masquerade Ball!

Hugs and kisses to all, and especially to you, dear readers, who made it all possible.

And now I’ve gotta get back to work!!!