Four Books Before June. In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.

I have four books due by June 1st.


Yup. Four. All in various stages of done-ness. It’s funny because I’m in each book at a different stage, lucky me, I can experience all the phases of writing ALL AT ONCE!

Let’s go through them shall we?

The Ashleys IV: Lipgloss Jungle: Final-Final Draft Revision: In the almost-to-the-finish-line, omigod, I am so sick of this book stage.

Blue Bloods III: Revelations: Almost Final Draft Revision: In the roller-coaster, some days I hate it-some days I love it—omigod I can’t believe I’m still writing this book stage.

Angels on Sunset Boulevard II: The Strip: First Draft: In the hmm…that sounds interesting, why don’t we add that and see where it goes, early-middle stage.

JUICY (first book in the Formerly titled “Social Life” series. The series is now tentatively called JUICY): First Draft: Squarely in the honeymoon, Oh my god I love my book so much, it can do me no wrong, this is fun fun fun stage.

It’s like a conveyor belt over here. I am going to collapse in July. Don’t talk to me until September.