Pradaaaah Partay


Last night Mike and I were invited to the Prada store for a party. I was pretty psyched because while we used to do this thing so often in New York, that I actually SAID to my husband that “I was so tired of the glamour and the going-out” that I was ready to leave the city, thinking that, oh OF COURSE we would still have our frenetic social life in Los Angeles just, you know, “toned down”—-only to realize that living in the “burbs” which is what I call L.A. – it’s a suburb of New York, the glamour and the beautiful people are something I SORELY MISS and I can’t even imagine what led me to say such a thing five years ago. Me? Tired of glamour? AS IF!

Anyway, it was faaaahbulous. The Prada store in Beverly Hills is kind more like a cool architectural experience than a store. There are these huge steps that lead to the second floor in the front and back of the store, and then you’re kind of precariously balanced in the middle, and then all the clothes and stuff are shoved to the side. It was cool to sit on the steps and just people-watch. We saw Nicky Hilton arrive, and I just realized that I have been seeing Nicky in parties since she was fifteen! I remember when she shot to fame and the New York Times party pages by wearing a white Oxford shirt and a tiny Dolce and Gabbanna sequined miniskirt. She was adorable then and she’s just simply STUNNING. Some people are just made for the spotlight. She is so tall and blonde and slim, and her hair was purrrfect. Her makeup was divine. I mean, I love seeing pretty girls and she is just one of those girls you just look at and sigh. Anyway, she was wearing a short white mini-dress that was NOT at all poufy for bubble-y. It was kind of slouchy and sexy, and it sparkled, and opaque black tights and those insane Christian Louboutin spiked platforms in white! I have been lusting about the black version and now I think I might have to buy white because Nicky made them look so good.

We also saw Nicole Richie looking SO pretty, her hair was pulled back and she had two braids that were threaded into the bun and she looked gorgeous. SO tan and her hair color was as caramel-y delicious as her skin. She was wearing a sexy-floaty sleeveless black dress and very cool kind of gladiator-y black sandals. I thought we’d see more celebs but after those two all we saw was “Cojo” – you know, Steven Cojocaru, the fashion guy from E! or Access Hollywood. Oh yeah we also saw Isaiah Washington from Grey’s Anatomy, and we kind of sniffed since we don’t think gay jokes are funny at all. Anyway, he looked shorter than he is on TV.

It was fun to be back in the fashion-swim and see all the outfits. A lot of people were wearing the new blossoms—lots of spring-y yellow flowers (have you bought YOUR yellow dress yet??) and lots of handsome guys in sleek Prada suits (my hubby included). I wore my go-to Marni silk dress and Marni acid-yellow and pink and green coat, which is kind of fashion-laide, you know jolie-laide, except in fashion. It’s too cool to be ugly yet not quite pretty, which is why I like it. We did a few laps and chatted with some stylists that I knew and then we went home to to the baby.

And this morning had breakfast with the awesome Jenny Han, author of Shug, who’s in LA for the Buffy reunion. I never watched Buffy, so I couldn’t share in the enthusiasm, but I love a fellow fan-girl. Jenny was so cute and I loved her outfit- a printed top, gray vest, over shorts, and a short trenchcoat over it. We gossiped a little about authors and how LA is different from New York and I hope I made a new recruit. I’m always trying to get people to move here!

Allright, I think this will be the last post in awhile. I’m trying to power through to finish Revelations by next week. The wolves are at the door, arrrgh!