Pulse Blogfest!

I keep forgetting to mention that my lovely publisher, Simon & Schuster is running a cool program called PULSE BLOGFEST where way too many of your favorite authors are blogging about what inspires them, what character they would like come to life (for some reason I wasn’t sure if it pertained to my books – so I hedged and named them all since I like all my characters and then chose one from J.K. Rowling’s books – I’d love to hang out with Hermione Granger since she just reminds me so much of my sister and my best friends, who were all the smarty-smart girls who raised their hands way too much in class, and are bossy know-it-alls who are always correcting everyone and then grew up to be fabulous strong women who now run their own companies or have amazingly brilliant children).

Anyway, check out Pulse Blogfest: Rachel Cohn! Scott Westerfeld! Susan Cooper! Annette Curtis Klause! And many many many more…