Sneak-Peek Is Out! Check your In-Box! Life Lessons, or what you can’t wear at 37

We’ve finally formatted the sneak-peeks for email. (All those pesky ASCII characters that come in like ?this? have been cleaned up.) And I’m happy to report that the highly anticipated sneak-peek at the first four chapters of REVELATIONS has finally been sent to my newsletter subscribers. Thanks to everyone for subscribing and I hope you enjoy the read!!

I can’t believe it’s already September, which means the book is only a month away from publication. Wow. Which means I am now writing the next one. And the cycle will resume again.

It’s been busy here at casa Blue Bloods, we’ve been working on lots of fun new stuff for the Blue Bloods faithful (that’s you, I hope) and hopefully we will have lots of very exciting news to report very soon.

As for me, as my twenty-seventh year approaches…actually, it’s my thirty-seventh year. Acccck. I thought I was *fine* with 37 until I actually looked at that cold, hard, number which means I am THREE FRACKING YEARS AWAY FROM FORTY. Bury me already! But enough of the I’m soooooo old moaning. I’m still young! I’m still cute! I’m still sexy!
Right? Riiiiiiight.

It’s weird. It’s actually just this year that I realized, I CAN NO LONGER WEAR SOME OF MY OUTFITS. Like, for the longest time, I used to do this camisole, under a cardigan or shawl-wrap or lacey sweater thing, over tight jeans and high heels. I never needed to wear like, a BRA or anything. And it was my go-to going-out sexy-sexy outfit. But I tried this outfit on the other day and….urgggh. Somehow it just doesn’t look right anymore. I need more coverage. There’s just too much SKIN revealing going on. I just didn’t feel comfortable in it like I used to.

Camisoles-as-outerwear: good-bye!

Oh girls, ENJOY it while you can… it’s crazy to realize one DOES age. Like…LUCKY. I have aged past LUCKY. I used to LOVE LUCKY Magazine. It was my favorite magazine because it was all about shopping and all the outfits were cute but still kind of funky. But now, the last three issues…I have not found ONE thing I want to buy from it. Everything just looks too….(arggggh) young!

So, Lucky: Adios!

What now? The good news is, you DO get better with age. You do stop buying things that don’t flatter you. I have learned the hard way that I look best in shift dresses and flats or long skinny trousers and heels. So I don’t tend to buy lots of things that don’t flatter me anymore. There’s this certain Boudicca jacket I bought at Barneys a few years ago that haunts me to this day. It was $1500 and I *had* to have it. But I have not worn it even ONCE. Why? Because it has these ENORMOUS puffed sleeves and all this fancy zippers and piping and when I put it on I look like I am part of a Star Trek/Ren Faire outing. It’s a total “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” outfit. In my youth when I was a fashion editor who specialized in the tres avant-garde, I could wear the most ridiculous and yet fabulous things and it would look, well, FAAHHBULOUS. I mean, c’mon I used to wear Bernhard Wilhelm! Bjork’s favorite designer! Need I say more.

But not anymore.

I have to dress preppier as I age. Because you really don’t want to look like an aging tomato. You want to aspire to Jackie O. gracefulness. Timeless instead of trendy. Sigh.

But still, it’s a good day. Sneak-peeks are out. And we’re off to buy my earrings today.