So Ugly

Omigawd, I’m SO ugly. I have this HUGE zit on the side of my cheek. Like crater gater. And my nails are chipped. My hair is scraggly. (No Warren-Tricomi in the last two months! Arg!) Highlights? I laff in your face.

The only reason I’m not throwing myself in the mercy of dozens of beauticians right now is that the uglier I get, the better REVELATIONS is. I mean to say, I have no time to do anything like beautify because I am SO SO SO into writing this book. I can’t write it fast enough. It’s writing itself. You know that Piers Anthony book, A Spell for Chameleon? It’s always been one of my favorites because Chameleon changes her looks every month, and the uglier she gets, the smarter she is, and the prettier she is, the dumber she is. It’s awesome. And of course, her husband likes her the most when she’s moderately pretty and smart, natch.

I kind of feel like super-ugly yet super-smart Chameleon right now.

You know things are going well with my books when I start getting acne. Because it means I’m so stressed out about the story I can’t concentrate on anything else. Yoiks.

Anyway, I thought maybe I should just write “YES I AM WRITING A SEQUEL TO BLUE BLOODS AND MASQUERADE, IT IS CALLED REVELATIONS AND IT COMES OUT IN DECEMBER” on top of every post since I get so many emails and comments asking this question. Dudes, of course I’m writing a sequel. I won’t leave you hanging will I?