You are all Winners

Woo! Poems are flooding in—so much fun to see! I’m not going to read any until the last day of the contest (June 20th!) since I want to read them all at the same time and make my decisions then.

And because EVERYONE is a winner in MY books, even if you don’t get to win the chapter sampler, if you simply entered the contest we will send you something good. No one writes a poem for nothing! 🙂

In answer to a commenter’s question -yes, even if you are in a foreign country you are free to join the contest! We ship airmail over here at the Meldlc offices.

I wrote a long and detailed BEA blog but I mistakenly closed that window before saving it. Ugh! So now you are getting the short version. Kathleen Duey! Elizabeth Scott! Neil Gaiman! I wore a Balenciaga floral dress and Louboutin glitter heels on Friday and a Trina Turk mod tunic and Proenza for Target white pants on Sunday.

Send in your poems!