Booklist Girl Review!

Girl Stays in the Picture.
de la Cruz, Melissa (Author)
Jun 2009. 416 p. Simon & Schuster, hardcover,  $16.99. (9781416960966). 

De la Cruz provides perfect summer reading for celebrity-obsessed teens in this story of four girls—two
celebs, one fresh from rehab; a naive assistant; and a film producer’s suddenly svelte daughter—during a
summer film shoot in Saint-Tropez. Each girl has a boy to yearn for, and each gets the fate she
deserves. Along the way, de la Cruz deftly skewers many of today’s young celebrities and adds a Gossip
Girl feel with tabloid articles and tidbits from movie magazines. The rapid pace, thinly disguised parodies
of current teen celebrities, and “big fat summer read” look fairly plead for this book to be taken to the

— Booklist

YAY! Booklist! Woohoo!

I love a good review—and I love being called “perfect summer reading.” I grew up on big fat beach novels. Yeah!