International Bestselling Series! Un Saison en Bestseller? Bestseller Toujours? Oh yeah!

My French publisher, the fabulous Albin Michel, who pubbed all four Au Pairs books (The series is called “Un été pour tout changer” in France – the Summer that Changed Everything, and the other books have fun titles like “Fabuleux bains de minuit” (Fabulous midnight baths according to Babelfish, but I bet it means something more slangy in French) for “Skinny-Dipping”, “Une Saison en Bikini” (easy enough to understand: Bikini season!) for “Sun-Kissed” and “Glamour toujours” (Glamour Always) for “Crazy Hot) and is also my publisher for the Blue Bloods series, or Les Vampires de Manhattan en Francais, just emailed to say that Les Sang-Bleu (Masquerade) sold out of its first printing and just debuted on the French Bestseller List!!


Rock on, Livres Hebdo! (That’s what their list is called.)

So now I can call myself an International Bestseller, right? I mean, that’s TWO countries. Any more countries have lists I can be on? Email now or forever hold your peace.

Now that I can put photos on my blog (Thanks webmaster Adam!!), I can show you what the French covers look like, aren’t they gorgeous???

Here’s Blue Bloods:

Masquerade: (or Le Best-Seller!)

And here’s a sneak peek at the French cover of Revelations. Or Les Sang d’Argent (Silver Blood).

Nice right??