Dudes, I am twittering away like a manic bird over on my twitter page. Follow me as I journey through writing, motherhood and shopping!

First pass pages of GIRL STAYS IN THE PICTURE just came in! They look magnificent!! So cool!

And I’m in the trenches on BLUE BLOODS IV: THE VAN ALEN LEGACY and almost ready to hand in the first draft of THE STRIP, the long-awaited sequel to ANGELS ON SUNSET BOULEVARD.

I can’t believe I have three books in three different stages. Thank god I have only one child. Or “Thank Gods” as they say on Battlestar Galactica. That always makes me crack up a bit. Isn’t the new season amazing? We are in denial that it is the last one.

Tomorrow we are celebrating V-D day and I will have a special Van Alen present for all of you. Another TINY peek at the new book. (But not as tiny as the other one.)

We are going to the Foundry on Melrose. It is supposedly one of the 75 best restaurants in LA, and well, we can’t eat at Mozza all the time. (At one point we were going twice a week!) So we are kind of eating our way through the 75 Best List. I kind of wanted to go to Sona but I was too lazy to change my rez. I hope it’s good!