Misguided Angel Trailer in Movie Theaters List!  *updated with list of movies showing MA trailer

The Misguided Angel trailer will air in movie theaters from 10/22-12/2, and will be in over 300 screens nationwide! We’re showing in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Georgia, Columbus, in front of a variety of top PG-13/R title releases, including the new Harry Potter.


So those are the list of theaters, and here is the list of movies that are showing the trailer:

Hereafter—> I like Clint Eastwood movies, & my publisher said she saw the trailer at Hereafter, so this might be the one.
Paranormal Activity 2—> too scary for me.
Saw 3D—> ditto
My Soul to Take—> ditto
Due Date—> Robert Downey Jr! Nuff said!
Unstoppable—> Don’t know much about this movie but it looks good, some kind of action-y thing.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1—> YEAHH!!!
Burlesque—-> Cher and Xtina—> I know which movie *I’m* going to see!! LOL!
Red Dawn—> no idea what this movie is.
Love and Other Drugs—> Jack and Annie nekkid—again I know which movie *I’m* going to see. Hehe

I can’t wait to see it up in the big screen!! I will bring my flip camera and do my best “undercover taping” of the trailer! 🙂