New Writing Rules

The minute I turned in Misguided Angel, I had TWO more books due. Thankfully they were in pretty good shape for deadline, so instead of panicking or collapsing, I took a few days off and just went back into it. But after STRUGGLING with Misguided Angel for the better part of a year, I figured I would finish Bloody Valentine and Witches of East End in a different way.

You see, it was a miserable several months getting Misguided Angel in shape. I stopped exercising. I stopped taking my kid on a Mommy Day (which is just her and me, no nanny, usually a playdate or two with some fun Mommy friends). I stopped shopping. I stopped READING. I stopped doing ANYTHING but AGONIZING over my novel. And you know what happened? I got stuck, I got frustrated, it was the worst experience writing a book I’ve ever had. I thought, if I just concentrate on the book, it will GO FASTER. But of course, it didn’t and I just got stressed and miserable. Misguided Angel is an awesome book, I’m so proud of it and my editors and agent think it’s the best one yet. But god it was hard to get there.

So this time, I decided I would not do that. I would make my deadlines, but I would take the time to live my life as well. I would work out every other day. I would have quality time with the kid. I would set aside time to read, vege out, do whatever I wanted. And you know what? It makes writing SO MUCH EASIER. I actually get my work done FASTER. Today I wrote three thousand words before breakfast. I’m so much happier and the work is flying.

Stress is an odd thing, if you don’t manage it, it takes over your life. After writing more than twenty books you would think I would know that but I have to re-learn it every time.

Happy weekend everyone!