Witches and Vampires and Make me Cackle

Hey kids!

I blogged about my love for paranormal romance over on the Smart Chicks blog, so check it out!

Right now I am in the middle of writing WITCHES OF EAST END, my new adult series. I’ve met a bunch of you on tour and you guys are GROWING UP! Craziness! How is it that you are all so old when I am still the same age? Heh! Anyway, a warning to my younger fans, WITCHES is racy and naughty, so um, you have been warned. Of course this now means you will all go out and read it right? Because that was the kind of kid *I* used to be. Sigh. I’m hoping that if you read my books you already like naughty books like I do, so it’s not such a big deal. But I want to say this in case there are parents out there who might wonder if it’s appropriate. And my answer is that well, it’s not a YA book that’s fer sure.

Funny that the whole world is now catching up to how great YA books are and off I go writing for boring grown-ups. The majority of my writing is still for teens, and I’ll always feel like a teen at heart, but I was really excited to write a different kind of book. Shake things up a little. And Witches is very much like my Blue Bloods books, just more mature, the tone is maybe a little more knowing shall we say.

Also, some of my Blue Bloods characters pop up in the book! It’s really quite fun and after reading Misguided Angel and Bloody Valentine, I thought it would be cool for you guys to get a sneak at what the Blue Bloods are up to in WITCHES, which comes out in Summer 2011 so you’ll have something to satiate the vampire/angel appetite with until the next BB novel comes out in the fall. The Witches universe is related to the Blue Bloods universe, and there’s a little explanation of it in Bloody Valentine. Pretty cool fun stuff! But for those who can’t read WITCHES don’t worry, it’s a tangential thing, and you don’t have to read Witches to understand the next BB novel. It’s just a little extra for those who do.

I’ve always said the best thing about being a writer is getting to write the books, having a lot of fun in the world, and pretty much CACKLING. When I’m cackling I know the book is good because I am being incredibly entertained. So all is good. Except I still have a ton of the book to write so I’ve got to hop to it or I’ll never be able to go on vacation and recharge the batteries.