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Blue Bloods Guess The Word!

Unscramble: (Hint, two words)


St. John the Divine is the name of the church where Jack & Mimi’s bonding was supposed to take place in The Van Alen Legacy! Blue Bloods fans really know their trivia!

Rio Playlist

1. Sunshine – David Guetta
2. Bamboleo – Gypsy Kings
3. Love In Brazil – Andreea Banica
4. Stay Young, Go Dancing – Death Cab For Cutie
5. Light Up The Night – The Black Eyed Peas
6. Rabiosa – Shakira
7. Live To Tell The Tale – Passion Pit
8. Rhythm To The Rebels – CSS
9. Maximal Crazy – Tiesto
10. The Immortals – Kings Of Leon

The Next Blue Bloods Trailer!

Hey kids! We need your video!

Want to star in the next Blue Bloods trailer? Yes you do. I know you do. 🙂

We’re putting together something fun for Gates of Paradise. Here’s what we need:

Make a video of yourself answering these questions:

What are you looking forward to the most in Gates of Paradise?
Who you think Schuyler will end up with in the end?
How long have you been reading Blue Bloods?
Jack? Oliver? Or Kingsley?
Favorite character?
What state or country do you live in?

We need it by Sunday! When you’re done, send it using or to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It’s going to be a fun project and I’d love to have you guys be part of it!

xoxo Mel