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Answer to today’s true or false: FALSE the names of the Lennox brothers are Sam and Ted!

Blue Bloods Trivia!

True or False? 

The Lennox Twins are named Fred and Ted.

The official Gates of Paradise Cover (assembled from #BlueBloodsCoverHunt on Twitter!)

The Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel Cover (assembled from #BlueBloodsCoverHunt on Twitter!)

Official Gates of Paradise Cover Reveal later tonight!

Serpent’s Kiss Playlist

1. Back In Baby’s Arms – Patsy Cline
2. Here Comes Your Man – Pixies
3. Don’t Look Back – Boston
4. Love Shack – The B-52’s
5. When Doves Cry – Prince
6. Wanted: Dead Or Alive – Bon Jovi
7. Black Magic Woman – Carlos Santana
8. Blasphemous Rumors – Depeche Mode
9. Prodigal Son – The Rolling Stones
10. Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash

How is everyone liking the #BlueBloodsCoverHunt so far? Excited to see the pieces once they’re all put together?

It’s the THIRD Blue Bloods: Graphic Novel piece!

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