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Blue Bloods Guess The Quote!

Who said it?

“That’s absolutely ludicrous! I don’t bear the Mark of Lucifer any more than the rest of you.”

Serpent’s Kiss Sneak Peek of the Day – OUT TOMORROW!!

“Get up!” The good detective got the man to his feet, nudging him with the gun, holding on to his wrists with his other hand. “Ingrid, can you please pull the mask off?"

Blue Bloods Fan Playlist Submitted by: Emily Ann

1. Truth About Heaven – Armor For Sleep
2. Hysteria – Muse
3. Not An Angel – City Sleeps
4. Make Damn Sure – Taking Back Sunday
5. Thinking Of You – Katy Perry
6. Sin City – Kopek
7. Let The Games Begin – Anarbor
8. Fully Alive – Flyleaf
9. It’s all that Ive Got – The Used
10. Shadow Of The Day – Linkin Park
11. Inside Of You – Hoobastank
12. Miss Murder – AFI
13. Edinboro – The Audition

Answer to today’s True or False: TRUE! Stephen Chase and Bendix Chase are the same person!

Blue Bloods True or False: Stephen Chase and Bendix Chase are the same person.

Serpent’s Kiss Sneak Peek of the day:

“I can’t find the thing you’re convinced Killian stole from you, that will prove he did it, and we really need to move on. I’m going to let the family know you’re back.”