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Answer to today’s Trivia: Bliss’ name from the Plymouth cycle was MARY BREWSTER!

Blue Bloods Trivia!

What was Bliss’ name during the Plymouth cycle?

In the middle of the burned wood, half-buried in the ashes, was a black pebble that shone as bright as a glittering diamond. Bliss knew what it was immediately. The Heart of Stone—it was a remnant of the Black Fire of Hell.

Bliss clicked off her flashlight with some satisfaction. They were right. The hounds had been here. #WolfPactSneaks

Answer to todays Guess the Quote: Dylan, Revelations, pg. 53!

He could smell the hounds now. They’d be on them in an instant, coming from all directions, ducking through shadows and hiding in trees, making their way toward the house, bringing fire and ash. #WolfPactSneaks

Blue Bloods Guess the Quote!

Who said it?

“I don’t remember much, really. I ran away, you know.”