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Best thing you’ve ever eaten? Best advice you’d give to your readers?

I’ve had so many wonderful meals in my life, but I think the most special would have been the weekly lunches with my Dad when he was alive. Pop was a connoisseur of mall Chinese food and always looked forward to lunch. (Fluffly white rice was a must.) When he was having chemo treatments, we ate every day at Din Tai Fung, this amazing place in Arcadia with the best soup dumplings ever (it was a Taiwanese chain). So many fond memories of those meals & hanging out with him.

Best advice to give my readers? Enjoy your time on the planet. Life truly is short, spend time with your loved ones and spend your days doing what you love. 

I suppose I can wait until January, then. ;) I was also wondering a few other things. Do you read fanfiction based on your work? What is your writing process? And any advice for a broke college sophomore who hopes to make a living as an author someday?

I don’t read fan fiction (feels odd). I outline and then depending on whether I like how it’s going, I keep going with the outline or I chuck pages and rewrite the outline and go on. 

I would say don’t expect to make a living off it. If it happens, great, but writing and finance are not compatible, when I decided to be a full-time writer I also told myself I would be happy being poor. I feel very lucky, but I also never expected to make a living off it. I always thought I’d have a day job.

Will any of the witches of east end characters come to play in Gates of Paradise?

Yes. Sort of. 🙂

how long have you been writing? best book you’ve read so far this year?

Professionally since 1996, when I published by first piece in the New York Press. I sold my first novel, Cat’s Meow, in 1999 and it was published in 2001.

So many great books this year! Some of my faces: Code Name Verity, Gone Girl, Where’d You Go Bernadette

Hi! I’m a very big fan. :) Are you going to visit the Philippines anytime soon? :)

No plans as of yet, but hoping to make this happen at some point, sooner rather than later.

To Ms. de la Cruz: Is Oliver ever going to find love? Is he going to forget his attachment to Schuyler and ever truly be happy with someone who will love him the way he needs?

I can’t answer plot questions! 🙂 But the answer is in Gates of Paradise. I pretty much tried to answer all the fan questions in the finale.


When an ant crawled in my ear when I was about six months old. I am still terrified that another ant is going to crawl in my ear. 

when are you coming to Virginia?!! :D

There is FUN TOUR NEWS for Blue Bloods Gates of Paradise soon. You guys can VOTE where to send me. Details forthcoming. 

Hey! You guys can ask me questions on Tumblr now. So go ahead and ASK ME stuff. Like what’s my favorite Smiths’ song, and that would be ASK because if it’s not love then it’s the bomb, the bomb, the bomb that will bring us together…