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Blue Bloods Trivia! Can you guess which Blue Bloods series book cover this is?

Blue Bloods (and Wold Pact!) Music Fridays!

Wolf Part Part Two Playlist

1. When The War Came – The Decemberists 
2. To Ohio – The Low Anthem 
3. Some Boys – Death Cab For Cutie 
4. What We Know – Sonic Youth 
5. The Hunger Moon – Hurricane Bells 
6. Somewhere To Hide – Shiny Toy Guns 
7. Disconnect – She Wants Revenge 
8. December – The Constellations 
9. Blindness – Metric 
10. Lost In The Echo – Linkin Park

Answer to today’s True or False is FALSE! Mimi’s canine familiar, Pookie, is NOT a great dane but a chow chow!


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Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Toronto, and Decatur are currently the top 7, have you cast YOUR vote?

Blue Bloods True or False?

Mimi’s canine familiar, Pookie, is a great dane.