Fun Times at ALA!

Hey all!

Some fun pics from ALA 2012! The American Library Association’s Annual Convention. It was so much fun to chat with librarians, readers, blogggers, fellow authors and publishing peeps!

Here I am on the way in the Disney chauffeured car with Margie Stohl. (Friends give friends rides to conventions!)

With Jennifer Corcoran my publicist, and Christian Trimmer, my editor who edited the Blue Bloods graphic novel. How cute are they??

With the “boss lady” Suzanne Murphy, Disney Hyperion’s Publisher, who is a big supporter of Blue Bloods. Yay, Suzanne!

With author friends: me, Cindy Pon, David Macinnis Gill, Kami Garcia, and Margie Stohl in the front.

Here I am presenting Wolf Pact. Sneak-peek of the cover, yo!

Thanks Margie for the pics! (And reader Jen Sibal for the Wolf Pact shot!)