Valentine’s Day Contest!

Hey guys,

So, long time no blog! How is everyone? *Dusting off cobwebs* *Looks for comment switch*. How IS everybody? I know I have been very busy, but you know, who ISN’T busy these days… modern life has become so frenetic, we are constantly on our phones, on our computers, more interested in what’s on the screen than what’s going on in real life.

I’m definitely guilty of that, but while I enjoy social media, it’s also like junk food…you only need so much. Not that I don’t love hearing from you guys (I DO!) But checking Twitter or Facebook 5,000 times a day isn’t healthy for anyone. So getting back into my blog is a way to try and get back to pre-Twitter days for me a bit.

To celebrate blogging again, we’re giving away a signed book as a part of the Blue Bloods Valentine’s Day contest!

Contest rules!

In 500 words or less, explain who you think is the BEST Blue Bloods couple and why. Be creative and persuasive, you’re trying to convince me who is the best!

Send your submission to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for a chance to win a signed copy of BLOODY VALENTINE! Make sure to put VALENTINE’S DAY CONTEST in the subject line, please. 🙂

Please only submit once, to make room for everyone to have a chance at getting their submission read!

The contest is running for one week, so entries will be accepted until next Wednesday! The contest is open internationally, too!

My assistant, Kady, will contact the winner once the contest is over.

Good luck!