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Fan Picked-Fan Favorites!

Blue Bloods Music Friday!

Fan Picked-Fan Favorites!

1. Perfect-Simple Plan

2. Goodbye To You-Micelle Branch

3. Cute Without the “E”-Taking Back Sunday

4. Open your Eyes-Snow Patrol

5. Video Games-Lana Del Rey

6. My Boy Builds Coffins-Florence + The Machine

7. Space & Time-The Pierces

8. Angels-Within Temptation

9. Solider of Love-Sade

10. Demons-Imagine Dragons

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Ok lets discuss! If you HAD to pick your favorite character and 1 song to describe them in the WHOLE Blue Bloods series what would it be?


You think New Vegas is the bomb, wait till you see the fireworks in K-Town.

Frozen (Heart of Dread #1) | Melissa de la Cruz & Michael Johnston