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Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Bloods Trivia Tuesday!

What is the name of the spell that makes humans forget what they’ve seen?

Answer to todays Blue Bloods Guess the Quote is…



Hey WitchEEs here is a Music Friday Playlist just for you! Some of our favorite songs from the first 9 episodes of Witches of East End!


1. Spark-Digital Daggers

2. Back Seat-Atlas Genius

3. Perfect Bodies-Krief

4. Sunlight-Yuno

5. Interrupting Your Freedom-Lights On

6. Black Magic-Magic Wands

7. Travellin’ Jack-Steve Dafoe

8. Hole In My Heart-Matt Pond

9. Heroes-Callers

Don’t forget to tune in to Lifetime for the Marathon on Sunday, leading up to the Season 1 Finally!