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In honor of Kingsley being in the Swoon Madness tournament, what was your first impression of Kingsley when he was introduced in Masquerade? How do you think he evolved over the series?

Blue Bloods Music Fridays!

Kingsley & Mimi’s Bondmate Playlist

1. Won’t Let Them Tear Us Apart – The Sounds 
2. Lucky Strike – Maroon 5 
3. Heart Skips A Beat – Olly Murs 
4. Just Like Heaven – The Cure 
5. Stubborn Love – The Lumineers 
6. I’m Yours – The Script
7. Nothin’ Else – Justin Timberlake 
8. So Happy I Could Die – Lady GaGa
9. Sea Of Love – Cat Power
10. You’re The One – The Black Keys