Another great review!

More great reviews of Blue Bloods!

This one is from Booklist…yay Booklist! Thank you!!

de la Cruz, Melissa. Blue Bloods. May 2006. 298p. Hyperion, $15.99 (0-7868-3892-2).
912. Like the power brokers that are their parents and ancestors, members of the popular clique at New York’s Duchesne School are Blue Bloods, continually reincarnated vampires endowed with preternatural beauty, charisma, and strength. The plot revolves around several teens, unaware of their heritage, who begin to manifest their true natures during a terrifying spate of vampire-to-vampire violence. At book’s end, nonconformist Schuyler has emerged as heroine, having discovered a rift in Blue Blood history that lays the groundwork for forthcoming books. Grafting the chick-lit sensibility of her Au Pairs books onto horror themes, de la Cruz introduces a conception of vampires far different from stake-fleeing demons in traditional horror fiction, coupling sly humor (What, the Committee was just a front for a bunch of blood-sucking B-movie monsters?) with the gauzier trappings of being fanged and fabulous as well as bundant references to the taboo-laden taking of human familiars, a procedure with overtly sexual overtones. Although the novel isn’t sure quite what it wants to be (Satire? Beach read? Gothic saga?), many teens will savor the thrilling sense of being initiated into an exclusive secret society. Jennifer Mattson

In answer, the book is a satiric gothic beach read. LOL. I totally get what the reviewer is saying though, point well taken!

So excited for the book’s release! Here’s what I was thinking about when I was writing Blue Bloods, and if you like these books (and um, some TV characters and celebrities), you will like Blue Bloods too…

VC Andrew’s Flowers in the Attic
Donna Tartt’s The Secret History
JK Rowling’s Harry Potter
THE OC’s Adam Brody
Mary Kate Olsen
Sex and The City

All those things went into the blender, and wrrrrrr…out came Blue Bloods!

Here’s what I am thinking when I am writing Blue Bloods 2:

Man, I need a nap.

This is always what I am thinking when I work. That I should be napping. And when I nap, what I think is, damn, I need to work. It never ends…

Did you order your copy yet?? Not that there’s ANY pressure at all. 🙂