Blue Bloods is out! (At B&

The other day I received a wonderful present in the mail–the final, hardcover copies of my new book BLUE BLOODS. There is really nothing that warms an author’s heart as much as seeing a new book in print. And just like a proud parent, I thought, they’re GORGEOUS!!!

You can’t tell from the pic of the book cover I have posted on my profile page, but the vampire bites on the girl’s neck are actually embedded, there’s a deep puncuture on the cover, so that they feel REAL. It’s so massively cool. And I love the New York skyline with my name in silver foil. WOW! Craziness.

I’m actually re-reading my book right now as I’m writing the sequel, just to make sure I know exactly where I left off. The weird thing about Blue Bloods is that I have almost no memory of writing it, I’m like, damn, when did THAT get done? It always feels like my books are put together by accident, I always work at odd hours, and just here and there, bits and pieces (although now that memory serves I do remember slaving away at the computer for days at a time at a writer’s office that I go to).

The final book has a different ending (just a fuller one, not a different outcome) than the galley, so if you guys have read the galley, the final book is actually much richer and I urge you to reread it if you can stand it. 🙂 I think the final book has 20 more pages than the galley.

I have noticed you can buy Blue Bloods at B& now, but not yet on Amazon. I haven’t been to a bookstore in a while, so I don’t know if it’s out there yet. The publishing date is May 1st, so it might be a few weeks yet till it hits the stores.

The book is a little different from my Au Pairs books but I have heard from several readers who love the Au Pairs that they love Blue Bloods even more–so please give it a try even if vampires aren’t your thing. It’s a story about some really beautiful girls and yummy boys who just happen to be immortal.

In other news, I put together the first 30 pages of Angels on Sunset Boulevard because my awesome publisher S&S is going to print a little promo copy to put in the giftbags of the book party coming up. So those of you who make it to the party will get a sneak peek of my new book that’s coming out in December!

Mike and I are off to Palm Springs for the rest of the week, I can’t wait to hit the OUTLET stores–they have a Yves Saint Laurent outlet there–maybe they’ll have the Muse bags?? Mike has some work in Palm Springs and I get to go along with my computer and write by the pool…

I feel slightly guilty for blogging when I have books due so I will sign off now. The sequel to Blue Bloods awaits, as does ANGELS.