Goodie-bag Giveaways!!

Last Wednesday Mike and I were invited to celebrate the opening of the TWEETY Pop-Up store in Beverly Hills by our dear friend Karen Robinovitz (who you might recognize from her regular appearances on VH-1’s The Fabulous Life Of shows, as well as Best Week Ever and dozens more) and her cool hubby Todd Cuso, who is an ace motorcycle racer.

Karen and Todd are one of our favorite couples on earth, first off, Karen knows how to dance on a pole and she’s not afraid to show it off! (She was a gymnast in high school and she’s still limber). She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t smoke, but boy is she smokin’ on the pole! She showed us some pictures of her dancing on a pole in the VIP room of a Miami club. Beat that, Britney!

Secondly, we heart them because we were at the fancy-schmancy Beverly Hills party with celebs (Emmy Rossum, looking wide-eyed and gorgeous in a short shift dress and sky-high heels and Hailey Duff, who was tan and gorgeous in a gold mini-dress with spaghetti straps), and Todd says, "Who’s THAT old broad?" about some scary plastic-surgery-victim who entered the party. LOL!

The party was hella fun, and we scored two goodie-bags. And since Mike isn’t a girl, I’m giving his away. What’s in it? A fabulous designer Tweety sweatshirt size Small, Haviana flipflops (size 7/8), lipgloss, mirror compact, rhinestone Tweety tanktop (size Large).  Seriously, it’s all cute cute stuff. You’d love it!

So how do you win? Well, I thought it would be fun for you all to create some kind of viral online thing for any of my books. Like a trailer for the books on You Tube, or a review, or a quiz, or a website, or art or screensavers wherever your creativity takes you… Send  links to your creation to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) by oh, let’s say August 10th? Winners will be declared the week after that.  Fan Fiction is not part of the contest. Sorry! I love that there’s fan fiction out there but I don’t/can’t read it.

I have a bunch of other things to give away so there will be more prizes…

At the party, I noticed that all the LA social girls were all wearing little mini-dresses (trapeze or a-line or bubble) with fabulous high heels. Lovin’ that! I’m so glad volume is still carrying over to fall because I have all these voluminous mini-dresses that I spent money on and I’ll be bummed if I can’t wear them come September.

In other news, do you guys watch Entourage??? Well we were watching it the other day and we realize that Johnny Drama lives in OUR old building!! His apartment is in The Franklin Towers!! We had a fabulous apartment there before we bought our house, and we’re so glad it’s been immortalized in one of our favorite TV shows. It’s too funny, we recognized the balcony and the elevator. They even showed our old valets! Aw, we miss Franklin Towers.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!
There are goodiebags to be had!