Those Vain LA Boys…

Last night Mike and I went to the opening of MOSS, this fabu design store in New York that just opened in El-Ay. We ate a quick dinner at Mozza, the new Mario Batali restaurant that just opened up in our culinarily-deficient city. (The food in L.A. is soooo lame. People really don’t eat the fattening foods here that us New Yorkers do. It’s all too light and grilled and vegan. Even I, who abhorred vegan food before am now eating it. Sigh. When in Rome…)

Anyway, it was really fun to get out and see people. It was a very architect-and-designer crowd, not at all the usual tanned starlet crowd–it was very pale, very European, very interesting-eyeglasses. Not too many blondes either. And lots of precocious little kids in trendy little sweaters and pigtails and Crocs. We wished we’d brought our baby! But we were also glad she was safely asleep at home with her nanny.

Random thoughts of the past couple of days…Isn’t Zac Efron SUCH a cutie?? If they ever get the AU PAIRS movie off the ground, he’s the PERFECT Ryan Perry. Even his hair is right!

I was at the gym the other day and there was this crowd of young, good-looking guys working out in front of me, none of whom could have been older than like, 22, and they were all in their b-boy shorts and stretching and trying to look all "tough" and then they all got on treadmills next to each other and started working out. They must have been models or actors, it was HILARIOUS how vain they all looked. Their artfully messy haircuts were the $300 salon kind. It was a very Entourage moment.

It’s a happy day, I got copies of the Polish and French Sun-Kissed in the mail today, and first pass proofs for THE ASHLEYS and the book really looks so cute!

Right now I’m working on revising The Ashleys: JEALOUS, and working on first drafts of THE STRIP, the sequel to ANGELS ON SUNSET BOULEVARD, and REVELATIONS, the third book in the BLUE BLOODS series.

Happy Sunday everyone!